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Youth Baseball

All youth baseball program information, team rosters, and schedules can be found here. If you are interested in volunteering to coach, please contact Jordan at 218.299.5078.

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Big Bopper BatterBig Bopper

Monday/Wednesday Team Roster

M/W Hansmann Dodgers        M/W Lamb Braves       

M/W Ridgewood/Village Green Mets        M/W Southside #1 Twins

M/W Southside #2 Rockies

Tuesday/Thursday Team Roster

                                        T/TH Southside #1 Athletics        T/TH Southside #2 Cardinals

                                        T/TH Hansmann/Lamb/Ridgewood Royals           


T-Ball CatcherT-Ball

Team Roster

Hansmann Rockies        Lamb Twins        Ridgewood Braves       

Southside #1 Cardinals       Southside #2 Royals        Southside #3 Athletics       

Village Green Dodgers



Rookie PitcherRookie

Team Roster

Hansmann Braves        Lamb Rockies        Ridgewood Athletics       

Southside #1 Dodgers        Southside #2 Mets        Southside #3 Royals

Southside #4 Cardinals       Village Green Twins



Pop Up OutfielderPop-Up

Team Roster

Hansmann/Lamb/Ridgewood Cardinals        Southside Braves       

Southside Twins        Southside/Village Green Athletics  





Adult Kickball League

KickballKickball Rules        Team Roster Template

League Schedule        League Standings

Team Schedules

21st Ave Hood        BSE Ballers        Spuds

Gyn-O-Mite        Lite on Athletics

Trinity Ball-ievers        T-Rex Hates Kickball


Adaptive Soccer

Soccer BallTeam Schedule        Southside Regional Map        Ellen Hopkins Map







FM Challengers Adaptive Baseball

FM Challnegers BBTeam Roster        Miracle Field Map        Ellen Hopkins Map

5-8 Years                              

Blue Jays        Red Hawks

9-11 Years

Blue Jays        Red Hawks

12+ Years (6-7 pm)

Blue Jays        Red Hawks

12+ Years (7-8 pm)

Blue Jays        Red Hawks