Recreational Fires



Large outdoor fire specifically for community groups activities, special events, and the like. A permit must be obtained from the Fire Department (see Permits section below).

Open Burning

Outdoor burning of natural vegetation is permitted for the disposal of leaves, branches, and natural vegetative material under certain circumstances along river lots and in the Oakport subdivision. Permits free, valid for up to 2 months and available at the Fire Department Annex: 111 12 St N.

Recreational Fire

Outdoor burning of materials other than rubbish contained in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for recreational purposes. A permit is not required under the Minnesota State Fire Code at this time, but the following conditions must be met:

  1. The fire must never exceed three (3) feet in diameter by two (2) feet in height
  2. The fire must be at least twenty-five (25) feet from any structure or combustible material. (Including decks)
  3. A garden hose hooked to a reliable water source or a fire extinguisher with a 4A rating must be immediately accessible
  4. The fire must be constantly attended
  5. Only natural vegetative material may be used. (No treated lumber or rubbish)
  6. The Fire Department may order extinguishment at any time if determined that it presents a nuisance or hazard
  7. We recommend a screen over the fire to help contain sparks and brands. These are available on many models

For more information, view the Recreational Fires Information Sheet provided by the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division .


Permits are available at the Fire Department Annex, 111 12 St N. Call 218.299.5298 or stop by for more information.