The City typically conducts hiring processes as openings occur.  The results of this process may be retained for future hiring opportunities.

Interested applicants can sign up to receive Job Posting Notices. A notice will be emailed to you when we are accepting applications for fire service positions. 

1. Application

Successful applicants must possess a minimum of High School Diploma/GED, IFSAC or ProBoard Firefighter II certification, and a valid personal driver’s license. An Associate/Technical degree in fire technology or related field, current National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians EMT Certification , and prior fire and/or emergency medical services experience preferred. All applications are submitted online. All written communications will occur via e-mail.

2. Oral Interviews

Top applicants will be invited to participate in an oral interview. Final rankings will be determined by a combination of written test scores and oral interview scores.

3. Offer of Conditional Employment

An initial offer of conditional employment is made to fill a job opening. Prior to beginning work for the City of Moorhead, applicants must pass a physical agility test, background checks, a medical examination, and a psychological exam.

4. Physical Agility Test

When a job offer is made, the candidate will be required to complete a pass/fail physical agility test, which is conducted by occupational medicine healthcare providers.

This test is based upon a job and task analysis for the position of Firefighter with the Moorhead Fire Department.  In a physical therapy lab, candidates will conduct some portions of the test in street clothes, others while wearing turnout gear and SCBA (without face piece). We will evaluation your ability to walk, crouch, duck-walk, pull and lift weight.  We will evaluate your ability to pull a hose bundle from a fire engine hose bed, pull hose along a horizontal path, climb and carry ladders, pull with pike poles and perform other similar tasks. 

5. Orientation

Initially, employees work 40-hour work weeks as they receive initial training on operations within the City of Moorhead.  They are do not respond to calls for service until basic skills verifications have been completed.

6. Probation

Firefighters work a 56-hour average work week using three rotating 24-hour shifts. Additionally, Firefighters are subject to callback during off-duty hours for structure fires and other emergencies. While no residency requirement exists. During the first year of employment, department members are evaluated quarterly along various performance measures and will complete targeted training off-site to become a haz-mat technician and must obtain a Minnesota Firefighter license and a Minnesota EMT license.

7. Long-Term Employment

After the completion of the probationary period, an employee may only be discharged for serious or repetitive offenses.  We value of staff and expect them to continue to develop their skills and abilities and adapt to the changing needs of those we serve.  During the first five years of employment, Firefighters are required to achieve IFSAC certification as a Apparatus Operator, Fire Instructor I, and Fire Inspector I.  Employees hired after September 3rd, 2010 may not use tobacco products while at work, or off-duty.

8. Future openings

As openings occur, individuals may be offered employment based on the results of the most recently completed testing process or a select number of applicants may be called back for a second interview.  While the written test and oral interviews are used as tools to identify top candidates, we are also looking for people who will be a good fit in our organization.  The ranking in our testing process provides no guarantees or rights on the part of applicants to receive job offers.

Ideal Candidates

The City of Moorhead is looking for highly motivated individuals to work as Firefighters for the City of Moorhead.  We provide a wide range of services with a conservatively staffed full-time department.  This enables our employees to cross-train in several fire service disciplines and allows even young Firefighters take leadership roles in areas that are of personal interest to them. 

The ideal candidate will highly value education and credentialing (IFSAC Certifications) as well as experience as the department does.  We provide many opportunities for education and training outside of the department as well as an active in-house training program.

We realize that the fire service is ever changing and evolving and our programs have as well and will continue to evolve during your employment.  We are continually striving to adapt to our changing environment including local politics, economic conditions, demographics and social conditions.  We are seeking both a highly qualified and a diverse labor force that can respond to the needs of our entire community.  We look forward to considering you for employment with the City of Moorhead.