Youth & Family Services


The mission of the Youth and Family Service (YFS) Unit is to:

  • Serve as youth mentors through constant presence and communication with youth to establish and build rapport.
  • To educate through such courses as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) and the Summer Youth Program in effort to impact prevention by offering healthy alternatives.
  • To maintain order and deliver police services in the Moorhead School District.

YFS Unit 2021

  Left to Right:  SRO Brandon Heide, SRO Jordan Werk, SRO Ethan Meehan, YSC Louis Ochoa

Youth Services Coordinator Louis Ochoa

YSC Ochoa is a non-sworn or civilian employee that during the school year works and teaches at the Red River AreaLearning Center (RRALC) and at times at Horizon Middle School. He works with youth that have disorderly/behavioral issues, truancy problems, and serves as a youth mentor. He teaches in the Business Law classes19 with a focus on juvenile delinquency and status offenses. He also teaches "Law and Your Life" at Horizon Middle School to at-risk sixth graders. This class teaches youth intervention covering diversity, bullying, conflict resolution, restorative justice, gang awareness, consequences, smoking, drugs, alcohol, internet safety, rail crossing safety, some driving laws, civil law, and the school violence/policy handbook. He is an advisor for the Philanthropy and Youth group RRALC and co-teaches Wellness Wednesday and drivers education. YSC Ochoa is involved with a program called "Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity" (SEED). SEED is about understanding our diverse population of students and families in our schools. It teaches about the different cultures in our community and how we can work with and understand our community. YSC Ochoa's role is to work with families and students and mentor them by understanding their culture, their background and beliefs. He helps them apply these things to their school work and give them positive outlook on life outside of school and in the community. YSC Ochoa works with a partnership between the police, probation, social services, shelter care and schools with youth at risk by taking on juvenile court community service referrals where he takes kids out to work sites to complete community service sentences.