Code Enforcement


Property Maintenance and Nuisance Conditions

Most property owners in Moorhead take good care of their properties.  For those properties not maintained to the standards defined within the City Code, the City of Moorhead will conduct code enforcement efforts to address property safety, health concerns, and visual eyesores.

What’s the rule?

Most of the property maintenance concerns reported to the city are covered either under the Public Health and Sanitation Nuisance Code, including weeds and mowing, sidewalk snow, trash, outdoor storage, discarded lumber, furniture, abandoned or junk cars, dilapidated fences, and other debris and junk, or the Building Regulations Property Maintenance Code, including unsafe structures, vacant buildings, outdoor storage, and exterior maintenance.

How do I make a report?

If you notice a property maintenance or nuisance problem in your neighborhood, please make a report or call the Neighborhood Services Division at 218.299.5434.  Your name will not be released to the property owner. 

What happens next?

Once a code violation has been verified, the City will develop a reasonable compliance plan for the owner.  The length of time the property owner will have to address the code violations will depend on the size and complexity of the repair and weather conditions needed to conduct the work. 

And if there are still no results?

The City can correct any obvious safety problems, but can’t conduct more extensive repairs to private property.  If the property owner does not address identified code violations in a timely way, administrative penalties will be charged to the property owner.  If appropriate to the circumstances, court action may be initiated when other enforcement actions have not gotten results.