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Medallion Hunt Results

Post Date:09/16/2020 8:10 am

Thank you for participating in the Greater Moorhead Days Medallion Hunt! See our lucky winners and the hidden locations of the three medallions. Hope to see you all out hunting again next year!

GOLD MEDALLION: $1,000 Gift Card from Hornbacher's

Gold Medallion WInners  


Won by the Nedrebo Family on day two! Flipping through the brochure they were able to figure out what Sunflowers, Pumpkins, Raccoons, and Snowmen have in common and they went searching in that park!


RED MEDALLION: $500 Cash Prize from MSUM
Red Medallion Hunt Winner



Won by the Hammes Family on day one! Figuring out that "Shack" was the associated word, they made their way down to search at our Canoe and Kayak Location!


GREEN MEDALLION: $500 Moorhead Business Package
Green Medallion Hunt Winners



Won by the Mougey Family on day one! They understood the play on words and thought, "Ewe" instead of "Eww"


Congrats to all the winners! Below are the clues for all three days. Can you figure out where they were hidden? See you next year.

Clue Explanations

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