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Important Information on Sump Pumps

Apply for a seasonal waiver if you need one!

Post Date:11/13/2019 1:45 pm

With an unusually wet fall season upon us, many sump pumps that don’t typically run this time of year are still discharging. Neighbors are experiencing frozen sump hoses and in some cases burned out pumps. Please review this important policy information and helpful hints regarding sump pump discharge.

Where should your sump hose discharge? It depends upon the time of year:

Spring/Summer: April 1 to October 31
Your sump hose must discharge outside during this time frame, and should be directed out to the street, backyard or side yard (please be courteous to your neighbors when choosing where to discharge). Sump pump discharges to the sanitary sewer during this time period creates a risk of overloading the sanitary sewer system and basement back-up for you and your neighbors.

Fall/Winter: November 1 to March 31
The same procedure applies as above, unless you have a Sump Pump Seasonal Waiver on file with the Wastewater Department. The waiver (if approved) would allow you to discharge in to the sanitary sewer during the winter months only. Because the risk of significant rain events is lower during this time, the sanitary sewer system is capable of handling this extra water.

A $30 annual fee applies and will be billed through your Moorhead Public Service bill in January or February of each year. It is a violation of city policy to discharge your sump hose in to the sanitary sewer without a Seasonal Waiver.

If you have questions on the waiver application, comments, or feedback, please let us know.

Wastewater Division, 218.299.5386

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