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Construction Update: SE Main|20 St|21 St Underpass Project

Contractor will be performing pile driving through Spring 2019.

Post Date:10/22/2018 1:00 pm

Ames Contracting began “pile driving” today as part of the underpass construction. Pile driving is the installation of pilings through more than 100 feet of clay soils down to the stronger soils (called glacial till) to support the retaining walls and bridges in order to prevent them from settling.

  • Pile driving will make a significant amount of noise, primarily when the pilings are being driven the last few feet into the glacial till. Pile driving can also cause measurable vibrations.
  • The City is continuously monitoring vibrations caused by construction activities. Pre-construction surveys for selected properties that are nearest to the construction have been completed and post-construction surveys will be conducted. The vibration monitors will notify the construction team of any vibrations that exceed approximately one-third of the level that would be likely to cause cosmetic damage such as cracking of drywall so that the team can review construction operations and make changes as necessary. The pre- and post condition surveys will be used to document any changes during construction in the event there are any damages resulting from construction of the project.
  • Piling will be occur through Spring 2019 and will generally be limited to weekdays, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Piling will not be driven during strong wind and severe cold (below 0 degrees).

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