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2018 Moorhead Homebuyer Survey

During the spring of 2018, Moorhead surveyed all of last year's buyers of existing and newly constructed homes in order to learn about their buying experience and these new residents’ impressions of Moorhead.

Post Date:06/25/2018 3:13 pm

What would these new Moorhead residents say to other potential homebuyers about buying a home in Moorhead? The most common response was:  you get more for your money, great value, and affordable homes. Check out the full 2018 homebuyer survey results.

Most home buyers in Moorhead purchased existing/previously occupied homes.  Of all 599 home sales in Moorhead in 2017, 89% were existing homes and 11% were newly constructed homes.

  • Most survey respondents previously lived in Moorhead (46%). Thirty-one percent of respondents previously lived in Fargo before purchasing their Moorhead home.
  • The most often cited factor influencing respondents’ decision to buy a Moorhead property was to be a Minnesota resident (95 responses). The second and third most cited factors were the neighborhood in which their homes were located, and the value of their home purchases.
  • Of those respondents with children in the Moorhead School System, 80% said they were happy or very happy with the school system.
  • Respondents indicated they are happy or very happy with the city’s neighborhoods (88%), affordability (70%) and parks and recreation (76%)
  • Areas with room for improvement? Forty-three percent of respondents are happy with Moorhead's shopping options, 31% are happy with Moorhead’s entertainment options, and 40% are happy with Moorhead’s restaurant options.

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