Trimming & Pruning


Trimming makes trees safer and provides clearance. Trees are made safer by removing all dead, broken, detached and otherwise compromised branches. Trimming also provides for proper clearances over streets, sidewalks or ground, and away from buildings, neighboring trees, and traffic signs or signals. Structurally pruning young trees prevents co-dominant stems from growing that are more apt to break in windstorms as the tree matures.

Trimming Cycle
All areas of the City of Moorhead are subject to a tree trimming cycle. Forestry plans to trim each neighborhood every 8 to 10 years. This trimming cycle work is done between November and April, when trees are dormant. Trimming notification for the affected neighborhood is done by means of a yellow door hanger.

Trimming Requests
Homeowners cannot trim boulevard trees. Residents in developed subdivisions can make a tree trimming request by contacting Forestry Trimming requests are prioritized based on risk to safety.