Oakport Water Tower Project

Moorhead Public Service (MPS) is planning to repaint its water towers - Oakport in 2017, Woodlawn in 2018 and Interstate-94 in 2019.  The MPS Commission will repaint the towers blue with "Moorhead" wording, but has asked the Art & Culture Commission to explore additional artistic design options.  If an artistic design is pursued, the additional cost for the art will need to be raised from grants or private sources.

Learn more about the Our Tower project and access the art contest entry form.

Submit ART online for Oakport Our Tower design contest.

Art to Enjoy

Moorhead has many wonderful arts and cultural amenities for residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy.  Here are a few public art projects available for all to experience:

  • Sidewalk Art & Poetry Project
  • CenturyLink's Moorhead Box Art

Click HERE to learn more! 

Art & Culture Commission

Moorhead's Art & Culture Commission was established to advise the Mayor & City Council on the development of arts and cultural activities, projects, organizations and facilities within the City of Moorhead.