Woodlawn Tower Art

Moorhead Public Service and the City of Moorhead and its Arts and Culture Commission collaborated with community members to develop a neighborhood-specific design concept for the Woodlawn water tower.  The design will be applied to the tower when recoated in 2018.

Moorhead's Arts & Culture Framework Plan

Moorhead has gathered broad community input toward the articulation of both the vision and path for the development of Moorhead as a city known for its arts and culture.

Arts and Culture to Enjoy

Moorhead has many wonderful arts and cultural amenities for residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy.  Here are a few public art projects available for all to experience:

  • Oakport Our Tower Art
  • Sidewalk Art & Poetry Project
  • CenturyLink's Moorhead Box Art

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Art & Culture Commission

Moorhead's Art & Culture Commission was established to advise the Mayor & City Council on the development of arts and cultural activities, projects, organizations and facilities within the City of Moorhead.