“No-Sort” Recycling Coming Soon!                RECYCLING TOTE                                       

The City of Moorhead is transitioning from source separated recycling to “no-  sort” recycling. Beginning July 1, 2017 all your recycling can be placed in one container and no more sorting!

                             "No-Sort” Recycling Details     

  • Mid-June, every resident who currently has a grey garbage tote will receive an additional new blue 96-gallon tote free of charge.

  • Apartment buildings will receive either a blue 300-gallon container or a blue dumpster located near the existing dumpster.

  • For current curbside recycling customers, your schedule will remain the same; every other week on your garbage day. 

  • The first residential collection will be Monday, July 3, 2017.

  • The four drop-off sites (see map below) will remain available for use but you will still need to separate materials.

  • A detailed recycling guide will be mailed to every resident in May.

  • The monthly recycling fee will increase by only $0.75. Your new recycling fee will be $3.59/month.

  • What do I do with my old recycling bins?  You purchased these bins, so they are yours to keep. You can reuse them for storage in your garage or home, or you can recycle them at one of the recycling drop-off locations.
  • Why are we moving to “No-Sort”?

                 · Because it’s easier!

                 · Because you can recycle more material like office paper, phone books, junk mail and pizza boxes!

                 · Because it will increase participation and help keep more material out of the landfill!

Recycling Schedule

Recycling is picked up every other week on the same day your garbage is collected. Each day is split geographically into A and B weeks. You can download a Detailed Color-Coded Recycling Map showing a designated recycling week and you can also download the printable Recycling Schedule.

Drop Off Locations

Recycling drop off bins are available at several locations in Moorhead:

  • Southside Regional Park
    North of the intersection of 23rd St. S and 40th Ave S.
  • Woodlawn Point
    418 Elm Street
  • Public Works Facility
    700 15th Ave N
  • Youth Hockey Arena
    707 SE Main Ave
  • Oakport Compost Collection Point
    809 58 Ave N
  • A map of our recycling drop off locations is shown below, but you can also download


No facilities found.