Predatory Offenders


Predatory Offender Laws require offenders to register current personal information with their local Police Department for at least 10 years because of the nature of their crimes and the proven increased risk for recidivism. The recorded information includes current employment, residency, vehicle description, and personal appearance. The Police Department takes this responsibility seriously and works hard to ensure these laws are complied with and the registered information is accurate and current.

Upon their release, many Predatory Offenders are directly responsible to their Probation Officer. In addition, each registered Predatory Offender in Moorhead is assigned to a Police Officer for Quarterly compliance checks. The Officer reviews the offender's file and makes contact with the person to ensure that the information is current. By being active with this responsibility we are able to assist the offenders with complying with the requirements as well as having a better knowledge base of citizens in our community.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections website displays the names of all Minnesota Level III offenders. Minnesota law states that only Level III Offenders are public information.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in St. Paul maintains the database for all Minnesota Predatory Offenders. All information changes are reported to this location so there is one responsible agency. The BCA utilizes mail correspondence as a tool to ensure residency. If the required paperwork isn't returned within 30 days, the offender file status is changed to non-compliant. A new Minnesota law as of 2006 allows for the name of any offender with a non-compliant status to become public information. The BCA has established a public website to view these individuals.

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