Prescription Drug Disposal Program


In response to a spike in prescription medication related incidents, the Police Department has implemented a prescription drug disposal program to assist with reducing the amount of unused medications out in the public. Prescription medications have become increasingly attractive targets for narcotics abusers. Retaining prescription medications beyond their intended use increases the chances that these prescriptions are accidentally or intentionally consumed by the wrong people.

How the Program Works


Bring your unneeded medications to the Law Enforcement Center (911 11 St N) 24/7.

In the front entry way we have installed a prescription drop box for proper destruction through an incinerator. This is the safest method, unlike contaminating the water table by flushing the medications down the toilet, or putting them in the landfill.

To save on space, we ask that citizens dump the pills into the safe and dispose of the empty pill bottles themselves. Liquids should be sealed in a bottle and secured in a zip lock bag. No needles should be put into the lock box.

There is no fee for this service and it is completely anonymous for everyone. Do your part and bring your unused prescriptions in today.