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Annual Juneteenth Commemoration

Destiny Holiday Community Champion Award

Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, promotes freedom for all people, and honors the contributions that enslaved African Americans and their descendants have made to this country. Destiny Holiday organized the first community celebration of Juneteenth in Moorhead in 2019. In 2020, the Moorhead City Council passed a resolution on the recommendation of the Moorhead Human Rights Commission to designate June 19 as Juneteenth Independence Day in Moorhead.

In addition to leading efforts to have Juneteenth commemorated in Moorhead, Holiday was the founder of “The Birthing of a Diamond” and “Diamond Kids” nonprofits, which empower and support single mothers and children from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities. Moorhead is more united and resilient because of the efforts of Destiny "Grandmamma" Holiday, who was able to take the hardships she endured as a struggling black woman and create programs and community that strive to give others the resources and tools they need to succeed. Holiday passed away in 2022. The Moorhead Human Rights Commission established this award in 2023 to be given annually in conjunction with the city’s Juneteenth celebration to a Moorhead resident whose contributions to the community exemplifies the compassion, resilience, and commitment to lifting up others exhibited by Destiny Holiday.

2024 Timeline

  • Deadline for submitting nominations: Wednesday May 8
  • Notification sent to recipient: by Monday June 3
  • Award to be given: June 17 at Moorhead Juneteenth event

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