Dispatch Calls for Service

In 2001, the City of Moorhead joined the City of Fargo, Clay County and Cass County in forming the Red River Regional Dispatch Center (RRRDC).  RRRDC provides 911, dispatch and related services for our Police and Fire Departments, and provides a consortium for staff in Police, Fire and Information Technology (IT) to work together on shared resources and projects.  The RRRDC is the only known dispatch consortium to cross state lines.
Date/TimeAddressCall TypeDescriptionIncident Number
3:34 am
2400 BLK 4TH AVE N SUSP SUSP 2024-00004259
2:30 am
900 BLK 18TH ST S SUSP SUSP 2024-00004258
2:12 am
500 BLK 30TH AVE S Disturbance DIST 2024-00004257
2:02 am
POST OFFICE BUI BUI 2024-00004256
1:52 am
2400 BLK 4TH AVE N Mentally Impaired DISTURBANCE\KNOCKING 2024-00004255
1:51 am
1900 BLK 1ST AVE N SUSP SUSP Multiple incidents
1:07 am
2200 BLK MAIN AVE SE TS TS 2024-00004253
12:46 am
400 BLK 34TH ST S TS TS 2024-00001477
12:30 am
1000 BLK 32ND AVE S FC FC 2024-00004252

www.communitycrimemap.com is a crime mapping software program we have open to the public to view many of the call types that Moorhead Police responded to.

Instructions:  Enter "Moorhead" as the map search address.  Utilize the "Filter" tab to identify specific call types to include and to select the desired time period.

Predatory Offender data is not provided by the Moorhead Police Department.  This specific information can be found here.