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Amy W. #2 

"I really love the people I work with and serving the public. When you have a good team, work doesn't feel like work.

We are not just co-workers, we are friends. We get our work done, but have fun at the same time. We lean on each other, celebrating life's  milestones and grieving our losses. I feel blessed that I have a great management team with strong leadership skills. I know I'm appreciated for the work I do, and I'm encouraged to improve myself through further training. We have very good benefits, but even more than benefits, I really appreciate that they understand a work/family life balance.

I have been with the City for 23 years and will probably be here another 10. Great people, great benefits, challenging work, family-oriented, and flexible."

Amy W., Special Assessment Coordinator, Engineering Department
25 years of service


I think it is a great opportunity for students who are interested in law enforcement. It really opens your eyes to what a day-to-day shift can look like as a police officer. Before beginning the Cadet internship, I was on the fence if law enforcement was what I wanted to do. The Cadet program really helped me decide if I wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. As cadets we did a lot of interviews and speaking to various groups. It was a great experience and really helped build my interviewing skills.

I learned many things during my Police Cadet internship, including how to be a community service officer, unlocking vehicles, handling large animals, and managing traffic. I also learned how to use the computers in the squad cars and a lot about the geography of the city.

The two things I enjoyed the most were meeting new people at the department and at community gatherings and picking up lost dogs, which is actually how I got the dog I have now!

The flexibility with scheduling was a big plus and the Moorhead PD was very accommodating.

The Moorhead Police Cadet internship gave me experiences that a lot of new officers do not have. During skills training at Alexandria Technical College, I was already familiar with many of the situations that were presented. It provided me a lot of confidence.

If a student is thinking about doing the Police Cadet Internship, my advice is to apply and be yourself. It was one of the best decisions because it got my foot in the door for my law enforcement career.

Ali G. 
Police Officer, former Police Cadet

Crystal Web Pic  

I really enjoy the variety of work a get to do working at the City. Doing It for a local City government gives me the opportunity to work on things that your common IT job might not get to do such as in-car computers and cameras for Police and Fire. I also get to work with great people throughout the City and at various locations on a regular basis. It is nice to not be stuck at your desk. The most rewarding part of the job, as someone who enjoys a puzzle, is the problem solving. When I get that ah-ha moment and finally put all the pieces together to fix an issue. It’s like solving a crossword puzzle.

Our IT Department is a great team. We all get along really well and know that we can depend on each other to help out or just stop by the coffee maker for a quick chat. My supervisor is also great to work with.

Lucas B, Assistant Systems Administrator
10 years of service

Levi Web Pic 

"Having worked in both private and public sectors, I can say that the City has provided me with the best workplace experience. The professional environment really helps you focus your energy on serving the community. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing City projects from start to finish, and taking an active role, both in the office and out in the field. I really enjoy the benefits the City has to offer including the health, vacation and retirement opportunities.

If you are ready for a career and not just a job, this is the place for you."

Levi H., Bridge Team Lead, Engineering Department
9 years of service

Taaren Web Pic 

"I like working for the City because there are so many moving parts, all working together, and it's great to be a part of it.

My supervisor has always been supportive of my work and growth, giving me the freedom to try new things. There are also opportunities for training, education and tuition reimbursement.

My team is great to work with! We genuinely enjoy spending time together, and we support each other both in and out of the office. It's really rewarding to work for the City, knowing the projects you do connect to something so much bigger."

Taaren H., Assistant Transit Planner & Marketing Specialist
7 Years of Service



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