Disposal Site Fees





Pickup/without Side Boards




Pickup/with Side Boards




One-Ton Trucks or Single Axle Trailers




Two-Ton Trucks or Double Axle Trailers




Tandem Axle Trucks




Trucks larger than Tandem Axle

Late Fee

  5% of Unpaid Balance/Month

City of Moorhead residents/homeowners may bring material that can be chipped to the disposal site at NO CHARGE.

Elm material from within City Limits can be dumped at no charge.  Mixed loads (containing Elm) will be charged at full rates.

Elm material originating from outside the City will be charged full rates.

Loads dumped with load tickets that included fraudulent location verification information will be subject to a $100.00 penalty and additional criminal charges may be filed.

Branch Pickup Fees

 Branch Pickups - 8" in diameter or less  No Charge  
 Elm/Tree Boulevard Material  No Charge
 Non-elm branch pickups requiring log loader  $  60.00  
 Tree/Shrub Root balls/chipped trees/wood chips (call-in collection)  $  20.00

Per cubic yard

($20.00 min)