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Community volunteer Sadiyo Osman honored with MoorHeart award

Post Date:03/13/2023 7:00 pm

Congratulations to Sadiyo Osman! On March 13, the Moorhead City Council presented her with the MoorHeart award.

Sadiyo is committed to supporting others in Moorhead who are trying to create more opportunities for themselves. Her efforts include volunteering and teaching early childhood development, childcare and English to New Americans. Sadiyo’s selfless volunteer efforts encourage other to pay it forward and help out whenever possible. Sadiyo’s nomination includes the following statement:

“I have witnessed firsthand how valuable Sadiyo’s work is for our students. Sadiyo is a first-generation Somali American whose background allows her to connect deeply with our students (many of whom are Somali) both culturally and linguistically. It took courage for Sadiyo to decide to volunteer with us, as she is not a native speaker of English herself and, most of the time, immigrants do not feel they are “qualified” to teach English. Sadiyo is not only a solid English tutor, but she’s been extremely helpful in translating for our lowest-level students, who can become lost or intimidated if they have to communicate completely in English. Sadiyo has also taken the initiative to bring a training program to our students so that they can begin receiving child care training once a month that will not only enhance their understanding of child development but can also lead to licensure for at-home child care. This new training will be a great boom for many of our students who are otherwise not employed or who are not happy with their current employment. In addition to her volunteer work, Sadiyo’s character deserves recognition. Her strength and integrity are inspiring to me and everyone at AADA, and I hope she can be recognized with the MoorHeart award so that she can be seen as a role model for other young New American women in the community.”

For all Sadiyo does for Moorhead – and especially for the way she selflessly lifts up others – the MoorHeart selection committee chose Sadiyo to receive the MoorHeart award. Sadiyo is a great example of the MoorHeart spirit. Congratulations!

The MoorHeart award is an opportunity to recognize individuals who go above and beyond to demonstrate community within our City by their actions and service. A team of volunteers from city boards and commissions selects award recipients. The MoorHeart award is commemorated with a piece of art commissioned from Moorhead-based artist Karman Rheault especially for this purpose.

Information on nominating individuals/organizations for the MoorHeart award can be found here. Contributions large and small are worthy of nomination! 

Osman 1

Sadiyo Osman 2


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