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‘Call to Earth Day’ Non-Native Plant Removal

  • Date: 11/03/2022 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Location: MB Johnson Park
Come help remove invasive, non-native buckthorn from M.B. Johnson Park in Moorhead on November 3.

No experience is necessary, but this will be physical work that will involve pulling cut buckthorn branches and small trees out of the woods. This work gets these berry-producing plants out of the woods so that the berries cannot sprout this spring. Some volunteers can also assist with cutting small buckthorn with loppers and pruners.

Volunteers are asked to register for the event here.
Common buckthorn and glossy buckthorn are the two types found across Fargo-Moorhead. Introduced to North America from Europe in the 1800s, buckthorn has long been used as hedges, ornamental shrubs and shelterbelts in homeowners’ yards. However, it quickly spreads from pruned, well-kept yards and invades parks, roadsides, and forests.

Buckthorn needs to be removed because it:
• Out-competes native plants for light, moisture, and nutrients
• Reduces species diversity of plants, birds, and other wildlife
• Destroys wildlife habitat
• Provides only one type of fruit for birds when other native foods have diminished
• Lacks natural controls like insects and plant diseases that attack it
• Hosts soybean aphids

What to Bring: Fall in Moorhead can be unpredictable, so wear proper attire, like snow/rain boots, long pants, and clothing layers. Audubon Dakota and City of Moorhead Public Works will provide supplies and equipment needed for the manual removal of buckthorn; however, volunteers are encouraged to bring a pair of thick work gloves and a water bottle.

***Please note. Back-up date will be November 4. Volunteers will be notified via email if date changes due to weather.
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