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Red River Discovery Walk Trail Sign Unveiling

  • Date: 04/30/2024 10:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Location: The Bear Cage located on the path below the River Haven Event Center
    700 1 Ave N
    Moorhead, Minnesota 56560

Please join Moorhead Parks and Recreation as they unveil these signs.

Moorhead Parks and Recreation along with River Keepers, the Historic and Cultural Society of Clay County and the HDR Foundation are excited to announce The Red River Discovery Walk, an installation of seventeen new interpretive signs along the River Corridor Trail. These signs are designed to provide trail users with a deeper understanding of the human history and natural significance of the Moorhead community. 

The signs aim to encourage more people to utilize the Red River Corridor Trail while highlighting the local ecology and historical landmarks. By prompting users to consider the historical events that occurred at each location, these signs foster a greater appreciation for our community's largest natural resource.

Among the historical highlights featured on the signs are the site of the 1941 Northwest Airlines DC-3 crash, the 1923 Dovre Ski Club ski jump, and the iconic Bear Cage and Zoo of the 1920s and '30s. Additionally, the signs explore Native American connections to the Red River and the area's role in the ice industry.

In addition to the historical content, the signs also delve into the natural history of the Red River, covering topics such as the formation of Lake Agassiz, fish species, and the riparian forest. Written by experts from the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County and River Keepers, the content has been meticulously reviewed to ensure accuracy.

The installation of these interpretive signs marks a significant milestone in the ongoing enhancement of the Red River Corridor Trail. The project is a collaborative effort involving the City of Moorhead, the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, River Keepers, and the HDR Foundation.

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