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Buckthorn Pruning Volunteer Event

  • Date: 05/16/2023 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Location: Gooseberry Mound Park

Volunteers will be using pruners supplied by Audubon Great Plains to trim back buckthorn regrowth to help keep this invasive species at bay. Snacks and water will be available.

Common buckthorn and glossy buckthorn are invasive, non-native buckthorns found across Fargo-Moorhead. Introduced to North America from Europe in the 1800s, buckthorn has long been used as hedges, ornamental shrubs and shelterbelts in homeowners’ yards. However, it quickly moves from pruned, well-kept yards and invades parks, roadsides, forests, and neighboring properties. 

Why remove buckthorn?

  • Out-competes native plants for light, moisture, and nutrients
  • Reduces species diversity of plants, birds, and other wildlife
  • Destroys wildlife habitat
  • Berries act as a laxative to birds; harming nutrient uptake
  • Lacks natural controls
  • Winter host of soybean aphids

Please bring gloves if you have them; organizers will have a limited supply of gloves.

Email with your preferred location and time. Everyone is welcome to come regardless of whether or not they registered, but we appreciate volunteers letting us know.


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