Human Rights Commission Planning Survey


Three main areas of focus have come out of recent planning sessions: Education & Awareness, Local Partnerships & Public Relations, and Leadership. To finalize the Annual Plan for the Moorhead Human Rights Commission, please complete all of the questions in this survey.

Leadership – There are a number of ways the Moorhead HRC can demonstrate and promote leadership in Moorhead. One way is by doing proclamations at City Council meetings. Staff will draft proclamations for the Moorhead HRC to review and present to City Council. Below is a list of suggestions for proclamations that the Moorhead HRC might be interested in doing. Non-cultural and race/ethnicity-related suggestions have not been made because they may overlap with the Moorhead Arts & Culture Commission.

Please correct the field(s) marked in red below:

1. Does the Moorhead HRC want to present a proclamation to Council to declare:

2. If the Moorhead HRC can only do a few proclamations, any other proclamation(s) may be pursued independently (e.g., Pride Collective does Moorhead LBGTQ Pride Month, AADA does Moorhead Refugee Day, FRC does Moorhead Disability Independence Day, etc.). Select three proclamations that you think are the most important for the Moorhead HRC to do.
3. In our planning sessions, various entities were named for potential partnerships. Select three partnerships that you think are the most important for the Moorhead HRC to pursue.

4. What do you expect from these partnerships?

5. What would the Moorhead HRC’s role be in these partnerships?

6. Resilience building came up in our planning sessions. Assuming this would be for people/populations frequently discriminated against, how do you see the Moorhead HRC doing this?

7. How can the Moorhead HRC ensure equity and equality for everyone in Moorhead (please be specific)?
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