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Thank you for purchasing a home in Moorhead!  To learn what factors influence homebuyers and how Moorhead rates as a residential choice, the City of Moorhead is surveying homebuyers who purchased their homes in 2016.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.  Responses are confidential and anonymous.  Thank you very much!  


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Did you own a home prior to this home purchase?
Please check which type of home you purchased:
Immediately prior to purchasing your home, where did you live?
Where else did you consider purchasing a home?
Choosing up to 4 ANSWERS ONLY, what are the most important factors that influenced your decision to buy a Moorhead property?

Do you currently have children in the Moorhead school system (K-12)?
If you answered “Yes” to #6, how do you feel about the Moorhead school system (K-12)?  
Now that you’ve lived in Moorhead for a while, how do you feel about these community features?
Very Unhappy Unhappy Neutral/No Opinion Happy Very Happy
Your Neighborhood
Affordability/Cost of Living
Parks and Recreation
Shopping Options
Entertainment Options
Restaurant Options
Please tell us about your neighborhood’s best attribute, amenity, or feature?
Neighborhood/Subdivision Name:
What would you say to other potential homebuyers about buying a home in Moorhead?
Your “Welcome Home Pass”

Only answer if you bought an EXISTING home that was previously occupied You should have received a Welcome Home Pass good for a complimentary round of golf at any Moorhead public golf course.  Did/will you use it?


Only answer if you bought a NEWLY CONSTRUCTED home of which you are the first occupant

You should have received a Welcome Home Pass, good for 12 months from the date it’s issued.  This pass is for Moorhead Parks and Recreation programming for the whole household, including the public golf courses and the municipal swimming pool.  Which free activities did/will you try?

ALL HOMEBUYERS, What Moorhead Parks & Recreation activities do you plan on participating in next season? 
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