18-06-04C Brick Sewer Rehab Ph 2 & 3


In 2022 the City of Moorhead began re-lining sections of brick sewer that were nearly 100 years old. The process of re-lining the sewer pipe with a “cured-in-place pipe” (CIPP) method rather than replacing it makes it possible to do the work without major excavation of the roadway.

Phases 2 and 3 of this project begin in May 2023: re-lining portions of pipe underneath Main Ave from 6 St to 10 St; 8 St from Main Ave to 2 Ave N; and 4 Ave N from 9 St to 11 St.

While the re-lining process eliminates major excavation, during the process sewer flows that normally travel through the brick sewer pipe need to be bypassed around the areas being lined. During this work:

  • The lining process starts with cleaning and measuring the existing sewers. During this time, lanes will be reduced where crews are working. After data is gathered, the liner can be built, which can take 4-6 weeks. There will be no visible work occurring in the neighborhood, but it is happening off-site.
  • Main Ave will occasionally be closed to through traffic, and a detour will be in place. These closures are necessary to install new manholes along the route so the liner can be inserted. The closures on Main will occur while the manholes are being installed. Main should remain open during the rest of the re-lining process, but lanes will be reduced while work crews are present.
  • 8 St will remain open as far north as Center Ave and will be closed north of Center. There will be lane reductions while crews are on site.
  • When liners are built and delivered, lane reductions will occur to allow crews to safely install the liners. After the liners have been cured, services for each property will be reopened and the entire sewer will be inspected. Lane reductions will happen during these operations as well.


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