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The Moorhead City Council reserves the right to reject any or all project proposals.

Upon submission of the public activity proposal, Applicant agrees that the proposed public activity may receive editing suggestions. Implementation and additional information may be requested to ensure proper credentials and implementation standards. By submitting a proposal and signing/typing this form, Applicant agrees:

  • Applicant is the sole author/designer of the event, art, or idea proposal that is submitted for consideration and that the contents of the proposed project are original and do not infringe upon any copyright or any intellectual rights of others, and that Applicant has the unencumbered right to make this submission.
  • Applicant or applicant team has the expertise to fully execute the proposed proposal within one year of notice to proceed, or as negotiated.
  • If approved for accession, Applicant grants the City of Moorhead the right to perpetually use the event, art, or idea, including, but not limited to: reproduction, posting, displaying, creation of derivative art, and documenting the event, art, or idea in any media or in any form, now known or later invented, without limitation for promotional, documentary, celebratory or any other commercial or noncommercial purposes. Applicant hereby waives any and all rights to royalty, fee or other compensation by reason of such use. Applicant will retain copyright of the public art.
  • The City of Moorhead will not be responsible or be held liable for any injury or damage to Applicant or any person or property resulting from or occurring during or in any manner arising out of the use or execution of the event, art, or idea.
  • Proposed event, art, or idea must reflect favorably upon the City of Moorhead. Public events, art, or ideas that contain any type of content related to alcoholic beverages; tobacco products; hygiene or health products of a very personal nature; political, religious, moral, or social issues; sexual products/services; direct or overt messages critical of Moorhead; and anything otherwise inappropriate in a public place will not be allowed. The City of Moorhead may, at its sole discretion, refuse to allow consideration, placement or installation of art that it deems to be inappropriate considering the purpose and intent.

Due to varying funding requests and prioritization of proposals, Applicant is willing to accept partial funding for implementation of Applicant's 'Moorhead Active' project proposal.

DISCLAIMER: The City of Moorhead may discontinue this project at any time and for any reason. Members of the Moorhead Art and Culture Commission, Moorhead City Council and City Staff and their immediate families are ineligible to participate in this Call for Activation.
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