Shepherd Meadows Subdivision


Shepherd Meadows First Addition
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Zoning price* New Special

Twin A




3044 41 Ave S

3034 41 Ave S

 RLD-2 $70,800




Twin B




3030 41 Ave S

3026 41 Ave S

 RLD-2 $70,800




Twin C




3022 41 Ave S

3018 41 Ave S

 RLD-2 $70,800 




Twin D




3014 41 Ave S

3010 41 Ave S

 RLD-2 $72,500



Single Family
3054 41 Ave Ct S
 RLD-1 $56,800 $6,544.34  Sold
*Price Includes Land & Prior Specials.


Twin Home Lots

Twin home lots are offered for sale in pairs only. However, it is possible that three styles of homes could be constructed on the properties: 1) a standard attached twin home; 2) two detached twin homes known in the market as “skinnies;” or 3) a single family home by combining the two parcels and capping services to one parcel.

Process to Purchase

    1. Buyer Intake Form.  Submit Buyer Intake Form by email, phone, or in person. Deliver earnest money payment of $500 per single family or twin home lot pair holds the lot for 7 business days to give both parties time to execute a purchase agreement.
    2. Prior Special Assessments. Up to 60% of the lot price may be assumed as special assessment and will be prorated and amortized over 20 years at existing special assessment projects and interest rates. After closing, the owner has two (2) years to construct a home upon the lot. If a home is not completed within two years (documented by a Certificate of Occupancy), the lot will revert back to City ownership and the buyer forfeits all cash payments. The first installment payment will begin in 2018.
    3. New Special Assessments. These lots also include new special assessments for the final mill and overlay within the Shepherd Meadows subdivision. The first installment payment will begin in 2018.
    4. Purchase Agreement. A Purchase Agreement will be drafted and available to sign within 7 business days and the buyer contacted for signature. In the event a purchase agreement is not signed within 7 business days, the earnest money is returned and the parcel(s) is once again available for sale.
    5. Real Estate Closing. Parties should be prepared to close on the real estate sale within 60 days from the date of the signed Purchase Agreement, as stated in the Purchase Agreement.

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