Shepherd Meadows Subdivision


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Arbor Park Second Addition

58.728.0030 3044 41 Ave S
$35,400 RLD-2
SM2  A 58.728.0040
3034 41 Ave S
$35,400 RLD-2 Pending
SM3  B 58.728.0050
3030 41 Ave S
RLD-2  Pending
 B 58.728.0060
3026 41 Ave S
$35,400 RLD-2 Pending
SM5  C 58.728.0070
3022 41 Ave S
$35,400  RLD-2 Pending
SM6  C 58.728.0080
3018 41 Ave S
$35,400  RLD-2 Pending


58.728.0090 3014 41 Ave S
$37,400 RLD-2 Pending


3010 41 Ave S
$35,100 RLD-2 Pending
SM9   58.728.0160
3017 41 Ave Ct S
$65,000 RLD-1 Pending
SM10   58.728.0280
3054 41 Ave Ct S
$56,800 RLD-1 Pending

*Price Includes Land & Specials

Lot Reservation Info

  1. Lots will not be available to purchase until the City obtains clear title through a legal procedure in district court called Quiet Title.
  2. Once clear title is obtained, the City will post the properties as "available" and will accept "Buyer Intake Forms" for a period of five (5) business days.
  3. Parties interested in obtaining one or more of these lots will submit an online "Buyer Intake Form" for each property they are interested in.
  4. At the end of the published 5 days, for each lot above, all "Buyer Intake Forms" received will be numbered in the order in which received.
  5. Staff will use a lottery system to determine which interested party has the opportunity to enter into a Purchase Agreement.
  6. Purchase Agreement. Receipt of non-refundable down payment check, if applicable, of $500 per single family or twin home lot pair. Holds the lot for 7 business days to give both parties time to execute a purchase agreement(s). In the event a purchase agreement is not signed within 7 business days, the down payment is returned and the parcel(s) is once again available for sale; or
  7. Execution of Purchase Agreement.


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