Citizen Resources


Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain peace and order through the provision of police services that are of the highest quality and responsive to the needs of the community. We will contribute to the safety and security of the community by apprehending those who commit criminal acts, by developing partnerships to prevent, reduce or eliminate neighborhood problems, and by providing police services that are fair, unbiased, judicious, and respectful of the dignity of all individuals.

Vision Statement

We, the members of the City of Moorhead Police Department, are committed to working together in a problem-solving partnership with the community to prevent crime and improve the quality of life for all.

  • Safety - The protection of human life is our highest priority.
  • Cooperation - We are committed to working cooperatively with the community and each other by encouraging open communication and active participation to achieve our mutual goals.
  • Fairness - We strive to resolve conflict through impartial enforcement of the law. Everyone shall be treated equitably and compassionately.
  • Crime Prevention - We will work in a partnership with the community through positive role modeling and education.
  • Diversity - We appreciate one another's differences and recognize that our unique skills, knowledge, abilities and backgrounds bring strength and caring to our community.
  • Professionalism - Our success depends on the trust and confidence of the community. We shall engage in respectful behavior that reflects the honesty and integrity of police professionals.