2009 Life Saving Award


On Thursday, November 5, 2009, at about 12:49 am, Officer Matthew Wychor, Officer Cory Borkenhagen, Officer James Ohnstad, and Sergeant Toby Krone responded to a residential house fire at 1207 20th Street North, the Lyle and Norma Erickson residence. When the Erickson’s awoke during the fire, they attempted to make their escape from the house. Norma exited the home and the front door closed and locked behind her with Lyle still inside. The officers arrived, attempted to force the door open and discovered that Lyle had collapsed against the door, allowing the door to only be opened a few inches. Officers proceeded to continue to struggle to move Lyle away from the doorway in effort to enter and get him extracted. In doing so, these officers were exposed to heavy smoke inhalation. Ultimately, their perseverance and courage in the face of personal danger, allowed them to successfully pull Lyle from the residence alive, but in critical condition.