2009 Kostohryz Life Saving Award


On Thursday, January 8, 2009, Mail Carrier Dave Stabnow, from the Moorhead Post Office, was delivering mail in the 1100 block of 20 St N when he noticed black smoke coming from the roof of 1108 20 St N. He called 911 and Officer Scott Kostohryz was dispatched along with Fire Department units. Officer Kostohryz had knowledge that some Fire units were currently assisting in Fargo with a fire and that the roads were very icy and may delay their response.

When he arrived, he was told that it was believed no one was in the house. He checked and found the front door locked and did not see anyone inside through the windows, but noted the interior of the residence filling with smoke. Officer Kostohryz made his way around the back of the residence continuing to look for any people inside. He found the back door unlocked and he knocked and announced his presence. He received no answer and opened the door again announcing his presence. Officer Kostohryz looked inside and could see the feet of a person propped up in a recliner. The person would not answer his repeated calls. Officer Kostohryz then assessed the amount of smoke in the residence and the potential delayed response of Fire units and made entry into the residence to rescue the person after announcing so on the radio for arriving units to be aware of a possible fire/smoke victim. He found the resident asleep and unaware of the fire and escorted him to safety.