2008 Krone Distinguished Service Award


On April 10, 2008 the Red River Valley SWAT Team was called to Luverne, ND to take over a barricaded suspect situation for the James River SWAT Team, as they had been engaged for over 24 hours. The suspect had fired a gun at a neighbor's home and later had fired upon the James River SWAT Team members.

During the course of the next 12 hours, Detective Toby Krone, on numerous times, had to expose himself from behind secure cover and concealment to deploy gas munitions into the residence. At one point, the suspect was hanging out of a first floor window with all but his legs exposed in an effort to escape the gas munitions and get fresh air. He was clearly observed to not have a firearm in his hands. A plan was developed to make a surreptitious approach with a small team contingent to snatch him from the window and peacefully end the barricaded standoff.

Detective Krone and three others approached and made the attempt. The suspect was able to escape the grip of the SWAT Officers and retreat to within the household. Another team member engaged the suspect with less-than-lethal bean bags rounds through a different window, while being covered by Detective Krone, while the other team members retreated to safe locations.  The suspect regained a firearm and fired through the wall at Detective Krone and another team member from Fargo Police, who was struck in the helmet and fortunately sustained no injury.  Detective Krone deployed a smoke canister that quickly enveloped the house with a smoke screen and extracted the other teammate and himself to a safe location. A short time later, negotiators regained communication with the suspect and he eventually gave himself up.

Detective Krone exhibited exceptional courage and bravery in staying with the teammate at the house to provide cover for him and ultimately to get them both extracted safely due to his quick thinking and use of the smoke canister.