2007 Swenson Life Saving Award


On November 2, 2007, Officer Deric Swenson heard a medical assist call for an intoxicated female at Mick’s Office. Two other officers were dispatched. Officer Swenson responded on his own initiative. The first officer on scene made attempts to wake the female. Additional attempts were made by the second responding officer. Both officers knew that the female victim was too intoxicated for detox so they requested an ambulance.

Officer Swenson came on scene evaluated the female victim. He checked her eyes and responses, by pushing on the victim’s eyeball. Officer Swenson recognized an immediate threat of life and prompted the ambulance to emergency. Shortly after the ambulance crew arrived, the female victim lost her pulse and breathing. Officer Swenson’s paramedic training was instrumental in establishing an airway for the victim and restoring her breathing.

Officer Swenson exhibited the highest standards of the police profession and saved a human life based on his compassion to help and his level of training.