2000 Krone Distinguished Service Award


On December 24, 1999, Officer Toby Krone responded to a reported domestic disturbance call involving a knife. On his arrival, Officer Krone observed two males, one armed with a knife, standing in the traffic lane in front of the residence. The male with the knife was moving towards the other male. The male with the knife was slashing back and forth with it and moved to within 3 feet of the other male who was trying to retreat. Without waiting for backup, Officer Krone drew his sidearm and began approaching the men. The male trying to retreat tripped and fell on his back. Officer Krone engaged the assaulting male with the knife and began giving him loud, verbal commands. Officer Krone was successful in getting this male to drop his knife, and lie down on the ground. After doing such, the first male got up and began to move towards a female at the residence who was now screaming. Not knowing what had taken place prior to his arrival, Officer Krone gave this male verbal commands to stop. This male disregarded the commands and had to be physically wrestled to the ground and placed in handcuffs. The second male then got up while Officer Krone was wrestling with the first subject. Officer Krone eventually had to physically subdue both subjects, prior to backup arriving.

Officer Krone had to make a very quick and difficult decision regarding the use of deadly force. With strong Officer presence and confidence, Officer Krone neutralized a very dangerous situation without the need for deadly force. Officer Krone’s actions were carried out with unusual conscientiousness, determination, and initiative and were recognized as such by the Police Department.