Maps are provided as PDFs to provide accurate viewing and printing. The PDFs can be viewed online, or downloaded to save a copy for yourself.

Effective FEMA FIRM (Floodplain) Map

Thumb_FEMASFHAThis Map displays the Floodway, 100 Year Floodplain, and 500 Year Floodplains for the City of Moorhead. This Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) became effective on April 17th 2012.


Snow Emergency Routes

thumbnail_snowroutesMap of Primary and Secondary Snow Emergency Routes in the City of Moorhead. Updated winter 2014 - 2015.


Snow Removal District Area Map

thumbnail_snowdist Map for the Snow Removal District enforcement in the City of Moorhead.

City of Moorhead Map

thumbnail_Gen_St_Map An 11x17 inch map which provides a general overview for the City of Moorhead. Updated Spring 2015.


Zoning District Map

thumbnail_zoningThe Zoning Map illustrates the zoning districts within the City, according to the City’s zoning ordinance. Updated March 2015.


Street Map with Place Name Location Index

thumbnail_IndexMapStreet map with an index for locating points of interest and place names in the City. Updated March 2014.


Parks and Recreation Map

thumbnail_parksMap of city parks, golf courses, bike trails, and other points of interest in the City. Updated Summer 2014.


Garbage Day Collection Map

thumbnail_garbageMap showing which day of the week garbage is collected in the City of Moorhead. Updated January 2015.


 Recycling Collection Day and Week Map

thumbnail_recycle_routesMap showing the day and A or B Week that Recycling is collected in the City of Moorhead. Updated March 2015.






Recycling Drop-Off Locations

thumbnail_recycle  Map of Recycling Drop-Off locations in the City of Moorhead. Updated Summer 2014.







Subdivision \ Addition Name Map

thumbnail_subdiv  Map which displays generalized subdivision \ addition names for the City of Moorhead.


Ward \ Precinct Voting Location Map

thumbnail_WardPrecinctMap of the City of Moorhead's Wards and Precincts displaying the polling locations. The newly annexed area north of the City is highlighted as the new Precinct 1b in Ward 1.


1987 FEMA 100 Year Floodplain Map

thumbnail_old_100FEMA’s 1987 100-year floodplain for the City. This map expired on April 17th 2012.


1987 FEMA 500 Year Floodplain Map

thumbnail_old_500FEMA’s 1987 500-year floodplain for the City. This map expired on April 17th 2012.


1972 FEMA FIRM for Moorhead

thumbnail_FIRM_1972This map book is a copy of the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) that were in effect for the City in 1972.


Flood 2009 Map of Protection Activities

thumbnail_flood_09Map which displays protection measures taken by the City and the US Army Corps of Engineers during the flood of 2009.

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