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Start the New Year Saving Some Dough!

Post Date:12/31/2019 10:16 am

The Moorhead Police Department is strictly enforcing parking regulations to assist Public Works crews in clearing the streets of snow from this weekend's major storm system.  Moorhead city ordinance states:  

5-2-2: TIME LIMIT PARKING:  A. No person shall park any vehicle on a public street contrary to posted time limits as approved by the city council or for longer than twenty four (24) hours in one location. It shall be necessary to move a parked vehicle a distance of at least one city block. (Ord. 2012-12, 8-13-2012)

Moorhead Police Officers began tow tagging over 60 vehicles last night that have obviously not been moved in the past 24 hours and will begin impounding them this evening.  City offices are closed on the New Year’s holiday, Wednesday, January 1, 2020, so you could be without your car an added day with added expense and we would like for you to avoid that while also assisting our Public Works crews who will be working on the holiday.  Police also have been heavily ticketing cars in signed restricted parking areas as a part of regularly scheduled street maintenance or garbage collection days to assist crews with curb to curb snow removal and garbage/recycling collection.  When plows are forced to go around parked cars it slows street cleaning efforts and makes for narrowing streets that are difficult for traffic including fire trucks and ambulances.  Snow covered vehicles are marked with bright orange “TOW” tags.  If we have missed any, we encourage citizens to call us at 701-451-7660 and report them so we can tag them for removal also. 

The Moorhead Police Department advises you to make sure of your street or avenue no parking days.  Parking tickets are $25 minimum and after unpaid fines accumulate your vehicle may be impounded.  The cost to get your car out of impound, including those tagged and towed for time limit restrictions will start at $125 plus unpaid parking fines and any additional fees if the tow company needs to shovel to get your car impounded.  

Here are some examples of vehicles that will be towed tomorrow if they are not moved: (Trailers also need to be moved)

Trailer Dead Storage

  Red Vehicle Dead Storage

Vehicle Dead Storage

Hidden Trailer Dead Storage

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